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Soil Instruments Chooses Sensly for Efficient Monitoring with Official Blueprints

In the world of infrastructure projects, where time is money and precision is paramount, the right monitoring platform can make all the difference. Soil Instruments, a 50 year manufacturer of geotechnical and structural monitoring solutions, has chosen Sensly's cloud-based platform to elevate their monitoring abilities, replacing their in house solution.

Sensly's Dedication to Operational Efficiency

Sensly's reputation is grounded in its commitment to user-centric design. The cloud-based monitoring platform offers a seamless setup process, providing Soil Instruments time saving features without compromising on precision. This optimises operational efficiencies and makes judicious use of organisations valuable resources.

Official Soil Instrument Blueprints

A large part of this process improvement is official Soil Instrument sensor Blueprints. These provide a basis to configure, process and present data from Soil Instrument sensors used in the geotechnical, structural and environmental monitoring sector. This enables accurate representation and output of quality data. The Blueprints are available to all users on the platform to aid in their use of Soil Instrument products and expanding Sensly's already large library.

Comprehensive Data Visualisation

A distinguishing feature that drew Soil Instruments to Sensly is the platform's versatile presentation options. With map layers, charts, and dashboards, Sensly ensures that critical project events are presented clearly. For Soil Instruments, specialising in geotechnical and structural monitoring, this level of clear and comprehensive data visualisation is transformative, enabling informed decision-making, trend identification, and proactive issue resolution.

Real-Time Alerts for Timely Decision-Making

In the realm of infrastructure projects, timing is paramount. Sensly acknowledges this by offering real-time alerts through email or SMS. This capability allows Soil Instruments to stay ahead of important developments promptly. Whether responding to sudden shifts in ground conditions or anomalies in structures, real-time alerts enable users to respond swiftly and implement effective mitigation strategies.

Adaptable Scaling and Customisation

Soil Instruments operates in diverse environments with projects ranging in scale. Sensly's commitment to scalability and customisation aligns seamlessly with Soil Instruments' operational philosophy. Whether handling expansive projects or smaller endeavours, Sensly adapts and scales effortlessly, providing Soil Instruments with the flexibility to confidently undertake projects of any size.

Global Support

Soil Instruments teaming up with Sensly isn’t just a collaboration; it's a strategic move toward efficiency and precision. With Sensly's user-friendly setup, diverse data presentation, real-time alerts, scalability, and global support, Soil Instruments is well positioned to continue to lead in the geotechnical and structural monitoring sector.

About Soil Instruments Limited Soil Instruments Limited is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of premium quality geotechnical instrumentation.

For more than 50 years, Soil Instruments has played a critical role in major construction projects across the globe including civil engineering, mining, railway and road infrastructures.

Soil Instruments represents the highest standards of engineering and cutting-edge technology, and is renowned worldwide for the quality and reliability of its products.

Speaking about the launch, David Welch, Global Sales & Marketing Manager, at Soil Instruments Limited, said, "Sensly marks a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering innovative solutions to the geotechnical community. With its advanced features and secure cloud technology, Sensly empowers professionals to make informed decisions based on accurate and real-time data. We are confident that Sensly will set a new standard in geotechnical data monitoring."

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