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Sensly adds Viotel as an integration partner

The world of infrastructure monitoring is rapidly advancing. As global businesses relentlessly seek more refined and timely insights for their projects, the call for versatile and trustworthy monitoring solutions grows. With this evolving demand in mind, Sensly is excited to collaborate with Viotel, a leader in IoT data logging hardware and structural health monitoring solutions. Together, we envision a more integrated and efficient monitoring ecosystem.

Sensly is at the forefront of cloud-based monitoring. Our platform is synonymous with user-centricity, effective sensor management and flexibility. Real-time alerts, intuitive presentation mediums like maps, charts, and dashboards have garnered trust from organisations all over the globe.

Viotel embodies the spirit of engineering and technology-driven innovation. By tapping into the vast capabilities of IoT (Internet of Things), Viotel's unique 'plug and play' Smart Box technology offers insights with an unparalleled immediacy and dependability.

Benefits of This Collaboration

Combining Viotel's cutting-edge monitoring technology with Sensly's cloud expertise means businesses can look forward to:

  • Efficient Data Gathering: The synergy of Viotel's data capture methods and Sensly's robust cloud architecture ensures precise and prompt data retrieval.

  • Prompt Notifications: With Viotel's swift data transmission and Sensly's alert system, users will be well-equipped to address urgent matters.

  • Seamless Integration: The amalgamation promises an effortless user experience, tailored to both large-scale infrastructure projects and smaller ventures.

  • Comprehensive Asset Overview: The blend of Sensly's diverse data visualisation tools and Viotel's device management offers businesses a clearer perspective on their assets.

  • Unwavering Global Support: Given Sensly's international presence and Viotel's expansive field knowledge, customers can anticipate consistent and far-reaching support.

We believe in a future where data transforms into actionable insights that significantly impact business decisions. By uniting our strengths, we're working towards a more integrated, transparent, and efficient monitoring paradigm.

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